Welcome to KF1 Dream Team 2017

Hello F1 fans!

Well that is it then!

After 20 years of KF1, over 1100 entered teams, £10,500 handed out in prize money, over £1500 raised for charity at the race nights, starting with just 12 teams in the first season and at its highest point a whopping 83 teams, 5 original members that have entered religiously every year (even though not winning most of the time (Merv!), it has all come to an end.

But let's not be sad. It has been fun along the way, and made, what for the most part has been boring F1 watching, at least a little bit interesting.

At this stage I plan to be back in a couple of years with a new format, but for now I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you that has taken part, without you guys we would have had nothing!

Congratulations to all the winners across the 20 years, including this years winner, Honk Honk Honk - Steve & Loren Misselbrook.

All the results, winners and losers have been uploaded, so please take a look. If you are a winner and I have not been in touch, please email me, and we can make arrangements.

Once again thank you all, I have enjoyed every single year, I hope you did also.

Remember to keep looking back here in the future, or follow on Facebook, Twitter etc and keep an eye open in your inbox for my email.

Best regards,



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